Update – The Plot Thickens

Just a quick update…

I have been contacted by numerous people with very similar stories.

Many return phones for repair and never see them again, and many receive phones which seem to have been water damaged (the most popular complaint) or the phones have a new “skin” and screen, but under that, it is an old phone.

One person purchased a black iPhone, and when connecting it to iTunes, it shows as white!

I have also been told that when people mention this site to PdaPhoneOnline, they have been told it is their competition trying to take clients away from them… Well, yes, I would like to take as many clients away from them as possible so the clients don’t get scammed like I was, but no, I am not competition – just a concerned person looking to stop some internet scammers.

So, where should you buy a phone from?

I would recommend a local store. At least you can walk in there and face them if you have a problem. In Australia, I have managed to get Officeworks to price beat some internet prices by 5% and actually end up cheaper than the grey market imports. Kogan also has good pricing, but as far as I know these are grey market, imported from Hong Kong. Personally I have never had a problem with Kogan and the one product I sent back for warranty repair (my Son’s Kogan tablet) was returned fixed within 3 days, postage paid both ways by Kogan.

Keep well!

I’ll update again if I have any new developments!

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