Proof of Delivery

Here is the tracking from the courier:

19/08/2013 14:17 Shipment delivered in good condition. Kwai Fong Depot
19/08/2013 09:30 Out for delivery. Kwai Fong Depot
17/08/2013 09:24 Customer premises closed for the weekend Kwai Fong Depot
17/08/2013 08:09 Shipment received at tnt location Kwai Fong Depot
17/08/2013 03:32 Shipment in transit. Hong Kong
16/08/2013 21:31 Shipment received at tnt location Hong Kong
16/08/2013 18:47 Delay. recovery action underway Hong Kong
15/08/2013 23:21 Shipment in transit. Brisbane
15/08/2013 21:02 Shipment in transit. Brisbane
15/08/2013 21:01 Shipment received at origin depot. Brisbane
15/08/2013 14:00 Delivery issue resolved. delivery at 1st opportunity Brisbane
15/08/2013 13:21 Shipment held. follow up actions underway. Brisbane
13/08/2013 13:16 Shipment held. follow up actions underway. Brisbane
12/08/2013 10:34 Shipment collected from customer Brisbane

and the POD, signed for by Chan:

POD Iphone Hong Kongedit

And here is the response from PdaPhoneOnline:

Sent Date: 16-Sep-13 08:13:40 AEST

Dearest customer,

We are so sorry to inform you that the shipping company returned the shipment to you because your shipment failed in Custom clearance process. since you used an incorrect shipping service to ship the phone, it didn’t pass the Custom inspection. Since mobile phone battery is prohibited for shipping and it became very serious since last month, sender should provide a “Material Safety Data Sheet” together with the shipment or otherwise the shipment will reject by shipping company / Custom and lead to un-successful delivery.

We will keep in touch with you on this matter and please contact your shipping company to provide required information for the shipment, sorry.


- pdaphoneonline

2 thoughts on “Proof of Delivery

  1. i bought a New Samsung Galaxy S 2 II I9100 BLACK 16GB 8MP Phone 1YEAR WARRANTY with $98GIFT and the phone had some problem so i return it back and after i try contact this seller for refund or replace but never got any reply.PLEASE DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SELLER.

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