PdaPhoneOnline email addresses

Just in case you are asked to make payment to either of these addresses, they are the same company:




5 thoughts on “PdaPhoneOnline email addresses

  1. Hello … seems everyone has the same/similar stories about this scum… I think the only way anyone one will get anything back from this scum is to hold ebay accountable… the only time ebay seemed to take any notice of me was when I threatened them with getting the media involved (but that didn’t last for long) … Ebay even had the nerve to acknowledge that they know I have sent the phone back to them and they have my money also… but say there is nothing they can do… I have pointed out to them that they have a review on smartphoneonline (a highlighted review) where the reviewer hasnt even bought anything, still they just dont care and wont get them to change it…(the reviewer is http://www.Samuion.com another scam company probably themselves under a another name)… Ebay are the ones who have failed to protect there users (when knowing the way this company (smartphoneonline) operates.. ebay are aware of the way smartphoneonline manipulate there rules to avoid ebay following up on complaints.. Ebay have a lot to answer to and the only way I see this happening is if we all take it to the media as one

  2. They’ve had me too! :( said they’d honour the warranty but as soon as the phone arrived they started to ignore me. Informed by eBay, when I suggested the seller be shut down due to its fraudulent nature, that it may be looked in to but they don’t want to lose customers…. Any tips?

    • Hi Vicki

      Sorry to hear they got you.

      I think maybe it is worth taking legal advise as i think eBay should be held to account as they know of operators like this and continue to allow them to sell to unsuspecting eBayers.

      Have you followed all the steps outlined in this site to report them the the various authorities?

  3. advice don’t purchase anything from eBay especially the expensive stuff,
    they are laying your phone is not under warranty as they mentioned.
    and when I went to apple support in Australia they said it is a fake phone and not able to help me to fix it

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