How to try get your phone or money back.

The best way to get these guys to respond is Negative Feedback on eBay.

If you are still within your time limit, open a paypal dispute immediately, don’t let them persuade you not to take this step as it is the best way to get your money back.

Report them to eBay. eBay dont really seem to give a damn, but if enough people complain to them, maybe they will take action.

I have been told that the Consumer Council of Hong Kong can help. Click here to lodge a complaint with them.

The following 2 options have been provided by eBay, and maybe if enough people report them to these two sites, they will do something as well:

Since you’ve transacted with a foreign seller, you may lodge a complaint through the website. is a portal for you as a consumer to report complaints about online and related transactions with foreign companies or individuals.

To file your complaint with, follow these steps:

1. Click on this link or copy this URL
to the address bar of your web browser.
2. Click on Report Your Complaint tab.
3. Click on the Report Your Complaint button.
4. Fill out the Complaint Form.
5. Click submit.

I would also advise you to file a complaint to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Just click the link below to do so.

The IC3 reviews and evaluates complaints, and then refers information to the appropriate local, state, or federal agency. Every complaint that is referred by the IC3 is sent to one or more law enforcement or regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction over the matter.

Please let us know by adding a comment on this site if you know of any better way to get a result.

4 thoughts on “How to try get your phone or money back.

  1. I won dispute with
    Very important information if you paid by pay pal you have 180 days to open dispute about transaction. You have to just call to pay pal costumer service and explain everything.

    • Hi, just been sucked in by these guys. Bought a phone and then later that day googled the company (wish I had done it the other way around!!). Immediately cancelled my order that evening and got a message within half an hour to say, no worries, will refund you within a day. Next morning, checked and the item was showing as shipped. Have contacted them through Ebay to ask why they have posted the item when they said they would refund. Judging by all the horrible reviews about them, they want me to go through the usual route of returning the phone which they will claim they never received.

      Discussed with Ebay who just say don’t worry, you’re protected. Just open a case if the phone is not as described. Discussed with PayPal who say the same and advise me to open a dispute if there are problems (you have 180 days to do so).

      Really not sure what to do. If anyone can advise, that would be great.

      • Good luck. Hopefully the phone is ok and wont need to be returned. The problem is if you have no problem for 6 months, then have to return it. If something goes wrong after 6 months just take it to a local repairer and forget your warranty. You could also have someone check it locally when you receive it and see if it is “not as described” so you can return it.

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