Update – Still no communication

Despite many attempts to contact Phaphoneonline, every message is ignored.

I have been watching their eBay dealings, and it doesn’t look like eBay are doing anything to help. Pda Phone online continue to sell at about the same rate. I just hope this website will persuade some potential customers to steer clear of them.

I was contacted by a guy who had the exact same thing happen to him, but luckily he could still leave negative feedback as he hadn’t yet left feedback.

Same story as mine, totally ignored once they had his phone, but as soon as he left negative feedback, they contacted him and promised to refund him if he removed the feedback.

He did get his money back and removed his feedback.

I am happy that he managed to get his money back, but the flaw in this is that now no future possible customers will see what they are really like and if they leave feedback immediately to get the promised warranty (who wouldn’t) then if something goes wrong they will be scammed like me.

The guy I refer to also contacted eBay, so they can see the trend, but still seem unwilling to get this dodgy seller sorted out.

I think eBay need to review their feedback system and allow buyers to change their positive feedback to negative if it is warranted. Problem solved!

Do you have any suggestions as to how eBay could prevent this sort of thing from happening?

One thought on “Update – Still no communication

  1. Thanks for the heads up mate. Sorry to hear of the problems you have encountered with these bastards!

    I have just scratched them from my list of possible phone suppliers.

    Good luck with your efforts.


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