, the eBay store Scam

Here is a copy of my post on Whirlpool:

Hey guys

I posted a while back regarding a problem I had with Pdaphoneonline.

The original whirlpool post can be found here

They have now changed their name to so please be warned. Anyone looking for a review on should look at the reviews for Pdaphoneonline.

I have had a lot of responses to the website I set up to warn people about these guys, so please be aware that these guys are now confirmed dodgy scammers on eBay.

I have also updated the website and have posted a screenshot of their currently evolving eBay store which still shows the pdaphoneonline logo with the store name:

As always, I would now recommend that you buy phones locally. Officeworks will do you a good deal if you do your homework and quite often with their 5% price match guarantee, are cheaper than buying from scammers like Smartphoneonline.

Stay safe ;-)


2 thoughts on “, the eBay store Scam

  1. was selling a samsung galaxy s6 64gb for only $609.99, I got suspicious after reading that after 3 months I’ll have to pay for return postage if any issues happens. I did some research and I’m thankful I did, the store looked so legit and I saw that many people have bought from then during the 15% sale. I think I’ll pay the extra to buy from a respectable seller such as qd_au

  2. Bought Samsung S4 from Took weeks to arrive with constant excuses from Smartphone regarding the delay. After 2 month’s use phone started unmounting the SD card. I didn’t want to send phone back and face weeks without it so contacted Samsung UK and offered to pay for repair. They wouldn’t touch it because it “isn’t a UK phone”. Local shop replaced component which didn’t correct the fault. The phone still won’t handle an SD card (4 different ones tried). My advice for the future is buy local, and probably not Samsung.

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